Cold Rolling Professional

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My name is Stephan Draese, I founded foilcon to help interested parties understand the manufacturing process of metal foils and support the cold rolling and foil industry in particular with expertise and experience.

In doing so, I rely on a combination of remote work and intensive process observation. Tasks can be, for example

  • Support for product & process optimisation
  • Technical assessments
  • Event analyses of process errors, malfunctions or accidents

About my work

Over 30 years industrial practice

My current focus is on the cold rolling process and the production of metal foil, my background is metallurgy and materials engineering.



Born 1963 in Essen, Germany.  School days in Essen and East Westphalia, studies in Aachen at the RWTH. Work as production engineer in the steel and aluminium rolling industry since 1990. 4 years of scientific work at the Max Planck Institute for Iron Research and PhD on tribological effects in rolling at the RWTH Aachen. 20 years responsible for production in one of the worlds largest aluminium foil rolling mills. Various publications. Main fields of activity are process and plant technology, especially in the field of rolling mill technology, winding technology and heat treatment, including the associated and ancillary processes and process engineering plants, tribology and surfaces in the rolling process, as well as work organisation in production. 

Colleagues and employees know me as a committed and disputatious representative of the interests of the process, always ready to talk and reliable. I am passionate about the success of technical and organisational innovations. I am said to be able to explain complex interrelationships simply and to enjoy creating structures. 



  • Initiation of product and process developments
  • Technological development of plant engineering, manufacturing specifications and processes
  • Determination, verification & documentation of the state of the art
  • Planning, projecting & execution of investments
  • Research & development, benchmarking & knowledge transfer


  • Rolling process
  • Rolling oil & tribology
  • Oil treatment & exhaust air purification
  • Slitting. trimming & winding process
  • Heat treatment & degreasing
  • Roll grinding
  • Quality criteria like surface, barrier function, flatness


  • SixSigma
  • Technical Assessments
  • Incident Investigations


Are you looking for an engineer with process experience, a pragmatic mindset and a structured approach?  Do not hesitate to contact me, if you have any questions, are interested in working together or simply like to get to know me.

Dr. Stephan Draese

Cold Rolling Professional

Projects & Support

++49-172 2685 873